Agri Veterans Family Fund

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When a member of our Defence Force is badly injured or killed, their loved ones suffer worst of all.

Of course there’s the grief, but there’s also the financial hardship and the effect this has on future generations. To support these devastated families, Agri Veterans has partnered with Legacy Brisbane to form the Agri Veterans Family Fund.

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Legacy’s role

Since 1928, Legacy has provided services to Australian families suffering financially and socially after the incapacitation or death of a family member during or after their Defence Force service.

Legacy Brisbane currently cares for more than 8000 widows and 250 dependants.

Legacy is dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities of families through innovative programs designed to:

  • Protect individuals’ and families basic needs
  • Advocate for their entitlements, rights and benefits
  • Assist families through bereavement
  • Help people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.

Help for families in regional areas

Legacy uses funds raised by the Agri Veterans Family Fund to assist regional families through:

  • Family Support Emergency assistance relief payments for Legacy families in distress
  • Widow Support Emergency Assistance relief payments for Legacy widows in distress
  • Education Support Payment of education expenses for Legacy Children
  • Youth Scholarships Sponsorship of Legacy Children aged 15-21 to attend leadership development programs.

Legacy is extremely proud of our partnership with AgriVeterans. As an organisation we are committed to ensuring that the 70,000 widows, children and families Legacy supports across Australia suffer no financial or social disadvantage due to the loss of a fallen Australian Defence Force (ADF) Member or the incapacitation of an ADF member. AgriVeterans are an important partner in ensuring this commitment is fulfilled particularly within the communities of regional Australia that they support and in the same communities where we support the families of our fallen and incapacitated veterans.

We hold the AgriVeterans partnership in high regard due to the values and vision that both organisations share. The fact that Legacy, through its partnership with AgriVeterans, can now invest more resources into the regional community means we can have a greater impact on the people who need our help. We thank the entire AgriVeterans and AgriLabour team for their passion to mutually support regional communities in partnership with Legacy.

Brendan Cox, CEO – Legacy Brisbane